5 Weight Loss Diet Plans for Food Lovers (5 that allow you Enjoy Tasty Meals)

Losing weight could be slightly tough for a food lover or just anyone who loves to enjoy good tasting food. Food lovers many times find it hard to get a weight loss plan that actually works. The main reason for this is two words Food Cravings. Food Cravings are what all food lovers struggle with, and if not addressed would make weight loss almost impossible.

This means as a food lover, you need a weight loss Diet Plan that works for you. This plan must do two things, taste great and help you lose weight.

There are two key factors to consider

  1. The Simple Principle of Losing weight.
  2. How you can apply that Principle to you (Your Budget, your lifestyle and your cravings).

Understanding these factors would help you pick a weight watcher plan that fits your needs and help losing weight become easier.

Factor One- The Simple Principle of Losing weight 

The first Principle is ‘‘Using more energy than you take in, in food’’ 

Energy intake comes in food and you use this energy in daily activities.

This Principle applies to all methods of weight loss. This principle shows that no matter your Gym Plan or the number of diet pills, food intake matters most.

So what’s the easiest way to reduce energy intake in food?

Answer; You need a low-calorie meal plan that allows you to enjoy great tatsing food.

OH, a Big Yes!

What makes us gain weight is unbalanced nutrition and high-calorie foods. This means if we can replace the food we eat with Balanced nutrition and low-calories, we lose weight.

An uncommonly known fact is an unbalanced diet high-calorie diet with many exercises often leads to frustration and very minor weight loss.

But a great diet and minimal exercise would lead to constant weight loss, and can be accelerated with consistent exercise.

Good news is this:
 It is not the type of exercise you do to lose weight that matters. It’s how much energy you take in your food. The exercise just accelerates the process. Picking an exercise regime is mostly about selecting a system that works best for you and how fast you want to accelerate the process.

Effective Workout Exercises Include 

  • Yoga
  • Weight Training
  • Walking
  • Jogging or running
  • Cycling
  • Pilates
  • Interval Training
  • Swimming

The following are also Productive Workout Programs

Picking any of the above Programs or Exercises would give you great results.

Factor Two- How this Principle Affects you (Budget, lifestyle and Food Cravings)

I don’t know about you, but not all meal plans apply to me, there are several meal plans or exercise plans out there, but what is right for me would be based on;

  1. Budget
  2. Lifestyle preferences  and
  3. Cravings 

The primary aim is to look at a variety of meal plans that actually work and have had well-documented success stories. After that, the secondary aim would be to determine how this working weight loss diet plans apply to your  Budget, lifestyle preferences and Cravings you may have. The best weight loss diet plans that actually work are, 

1.The Bistro MD Diet Plan 

This is a program that provides healthy chef-made meals that focuses on giving you a balanced diet of macronutrients and boost your metabolism. This, in turn, jumpstarts weight loss. It was developed by a Board-certified Bariatric physician Caroline J. Cederquist, M.D. who has spent over 20 years helping patients achieve and maintain weight loss.

Plans range from $119.95 a week (5 days of lunch and dinner) to $179.95 a week (7 days with all meals, including snacks and breakfast). These plans are very flexible with no long term contracts and the ability to cancel at any time, with a customer satisfaction guarantee, you can request a refund if you are not satisfied.

My LifeStyle 

The meals come frozen with no preservatives or additives and taste fresh when prepared. A week’s worth of food comes in a cooler with dry ice and this makes it great if what you need is a weight loss program that doesn’t require you to plan or cook meals. Great for those with very active schedules. You are given more than 150 entrees and people with diabetes or any other health concern will appreciate the unlimited access to a registered dietician.

My Cravings 

The Chicken is real and the portion sizes are large. The food tastes fresh and delicious with plenty of meal choices each week which includes breakfast choices like strawberry shortcake crepes with chicken sausage. This is a craving rich meal plan 

To find out more on BistroMD meal plan go here

2. The Mayo Clinic Diet 

Created by the Mayo Clinic, this weight loss plan promises to help you lose an incredible 10 pounds in just 2 weeks if you follow the first phase of the meal plan, and 1 to 2 pounds a week in the 2nd phase. The plan focuses on replacing unhealthy eating behavior with ones that support weight loss. The Program gives you Hundreds of personalized meal ideas and recipes to guide you on how to prepare your food according to your preferences.

There are tools, techniques, and tips that will help individuals maintain their weight loss available at Mayo Clinic Diet’s website, and a number of fitness plans that are loaded with exercise and tips. You can also track your progress using the food journal, weight tracker, habit tracker, and other tracking tools. A list of fitness plans and exercises are also available which includes robust exercise index, fitness tips for all levels, walking and running guides, and personalized workouts.

For just $5 a week you are given a bundle of weight loss tools and a large selection of recipes to choose according to your preferences. The few are collected quarterly at $65. 

My Lifestyle

This is great for those who love the variety and prefer to cook their own meals.

My Cravings

The plan focuses on eating the right balance of vegetables, protein, fruits, healthy fats, dairy, and small amounts of sweets. You can cook healthy recipes in line with your cravings. Simple portion-control guides and motivational lifestyle tips are also provided by the company to assist customers with their diet.

To find out more on the Mayo Clinic Diet meal plan go here

3. Diet To Go

This is a delicious weekly delivery weight loss diet plan that allows you to customize a plan to fit most lifestyles and start losing weight without the need to prepare meals. Diet to go was created by a team of health professionals and coaches who actually provide you with help and support along your weight loss journey.

A Diet plan is customized to fit your tastes, preferences, save you time and most importantly help you lose weight. The Diet is customized to also take into account those with health challenges like Diabetes, customized to your age, height, weight, gender and activity level.

The meals are delivered to your home frozen but if you live in Los Angeles, New Jersey, Washington DC Metro area and Baltimore are you can pick it fresh.

Shipping and Pricing are between $121.99 and $204.99 per week, this is essential all your meals for the week, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. This might be a big bill if you are on a tight budget.

My Lifestyle

This is great for those who are always on the go and live very busy lives and still want a weight loss plan that is suited to your schedule and remove the worry of counting calories.

My Cravings

This is a plan with a Balance, Diabetic, Keto and Vegetarian Options aligned with different needs. The Plan has Nutritional variety and is keen on providing great tasting options with an emphasis on satisfying your cravings for foods you love.

To find out more on Diet to Go Diet meal plan go here

4. Guilt-Free Desserts Plan

This unlike the other meal Plan focuses on Dessert. The CEO and Founder of Healing Gourmet, Kelley Herring, with her Healing Gourmet team made a research of the tastiest recipes to identify the artificial unhealthy Ingredients and how they could replace it with fiber, proteins, and good fats to hinder sugar spikes and consequently transform and boost food satisfaction. 

The Weight Loss Diet Plan comes in the form of a book written so that you can enjoy the occasional tasty treat without as much fat, sugar, artificial colors, and other harmful ingredients. These healthy versions of desserts are much better for you, yet they still taste delectable and delicious and are incredibly satisfying.

The Guilt-free Desserts plan teaches you about Tasty healthy alternatives to your favorite Dessert Recipes. You are thought things like; 

  • How to locate and use gluten-free and low sugar flour and still get a great tasting dessert
  • How to pick out natural sweeteners that are low in carbohydrate and very Diabetic Friendly
  • Simple Substitutes to Ingredients that would give you amazing dessert results and much more

This book has a time Cost of $19 and that’s all you need to start enjoying Guilt-Free tasty Desserts for a LifeTime.

My Lifestyle

This is great for those who are dessert lovers and love to bake desserts.

My Cravings

Most Individuals when on a diet deprive themselves of desserts and delicious treats and many times is the reason their diets don’t work. Your Craving gets stronger and you just can’t resist after a while. This leads to back and forth which leads to frustration and many times no weight loss.

To find out more on Guil Free Dessert meal plans go here

5. 28 days Keto Challenge

Most people who want to lose weight have taken steps to do so, but end up quitting in the first One Month. It has been well established that it takes a month for a new Habit to be formed, which means if you really want to lose weight the first one month is the most crucial point of the Journey. 

This Meal Plan does exactly that, by giving you an easy to follow Guide complied in 10 simple manuals. These books show you clearly how to reach Ketosis; which is a normal metabolic process where you give your body fewer carbs and in turn start to burns stored fats.

These books teach all you need to overcome your first 30 days and in addition, give you the support required to achieve amazing results over the next crucial months to follow.

These Books are,

  1. Keto Diet Basics– To Learn the basics of Keto Diet and tips for success, foods to enjoy and more
  2. Eating Well On Keto– with a variety of delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  3. Staying in Ketosis– You’ll learn how to make your body start burning fat on its own
  4. Mastering Macros– Learn how to stay in ketosis
  5. Beating Keto Flu– How to make potential symptoms go away quickly.
  6. Intermittent Fasting– Learn the 5 Steps of Intermittent fasting to kickstart ketosis and accelerate fat loss.
  7. Social Situations– Learn how to deal with social issues that can derail weight loss like eating out with friends.
  8. Guilt-Free Desserts– Amazing Mouthwatering recipes that help you lose weight.
  9. Yummy Avocado Recipes
  10. Keto Supplement Guide– Learn the supplements that help you transition to Ketosis

The entire selection of books goes for a one time fee of $37 making it a very affordable choice.

My Lifestyle

This is great for those who love to cook and try new things. 

My Cravings

This program focuses on delicious desserts and meal options that are tasty. If you love fatty food this diet is just for you.

To find out more on 28 Keto Challenge meal plan go here


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